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I’m Scott Wagner – I’m a business owner and a Pennsylvania State Senator representing the 28th District in York County. I was elected to serve in 2014 in an untraditional way. I was the first person in Pennsylvania history to win a State Senate seat by write-in vote.

Many people call me an untraditional guy. I’m not a polished, career politician. I’ve spent the last 40 years building my businesses and creating jobs. I’m an operations guy. It’s great to have big ideas, but you also need to know how to execute them.

I’ve decided to run for Governor of Pennsylvania because we’re lacking leadership and accountability in Harrisburg. As a State Senator, I’m committed to asking questions about where and how your tax dollars are being spent. I expect accountability when those questions go unanswered.

I’ve seen firsthand the lack of relationships between the Governor’s Office and the Legislature. I’ve spent my entire life building and cultivating relationships – it has been the foundation for my professional success. Pennsylvania needs a leader who has vision, leadership skills, and the courage to make tough decisions.

One of my favorite acronyms is T.E.A.M.: Together Everyone Achieves More.

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--Scott R. Wagner

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